Covid-19 Notification System using AWS Cloud, Alexa Skill Kit and Time Series Forecasting with Facebook Prophet.

Design of Covid-19 Notification System

Here’s the code repository:

Required API’s for Covid-19 Data:

AWS Services:

Data Collection:

This function gets the daily new cases in the State.
Initial few lines of lambda_handler

Alexa Skill Development:

  1. Goal of the skill: Responding to the user’s request by retrieving the data from S3 based on the request.
  2. Invocation: For every skill, there should be a unique name to identify our skill from other custom skills. In our case the name of our skill is “Covid notification system”. We can invoke our skill by using open/launch/begin skill name(“covid notification system”) and once the skill opens we can give our command or we can also input “Covid notification system” and give command in one shot as shown in the example. For example: we can say “Alexa, ask Covid notification system to tell the surge in Covid-19 cases in my Zip code”
  3. Request: As shown in the above example, once the user passes the command, this request will be formed into a JSON type request and will be send to the endpoint. Here, we developed a Lambda function as endpoint to take the JSON request from Alexa.
  4. Response: Now, Lambda function will form a similar JSON response using the data in CSV file from S3 bucket and send it back to Alexa.
Alexa developer console
Intent section on Alexa developer console
Missouri Intent
Slot section on Alexa developer console
Endpoint section on Alexa developer console
AWS Lambda service on AWS Console
Testing section on Alexa developer console
  1. Launch Request: This request is called when the skill is invoked. For example: “open {Skill name}”. We need to respond with a welcome message for the launch request as shown in the above screenshot.
  2. IntentRequest: After opening the skill, whatever command the user will pass, IntentRequest will be called. Lambda should form a suitable response as per intent name in the request and send it back to Alexa.
  3. SessionEndedRequest: This request is called when user doesn’t say anything or there is some error in the code.

Time Series Forecasting using Facebook Prophet:

m = Prophet()
prophet_pred = m.predict(future)




Cloud Engineer | AWS Cloud, DevOps and Data Enthusiast!

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Manideep Reddy Gillela

Manideep Reddy Gillela

Cloud Engineer | AWS Cloud, DevOps and Data Enthusiast!

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